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Golden Jazz
Since the opening of the Golden View in 2002, we really loved the concept of combining food, wine, art and music. Thus far we have hosted more than 3,000 jazz concerts, with 3 live music performances a week (on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays) performed by alternating artists. Our artists are mostly from the contemporary Florentine scene along with some special guests from outside of Florence.

Dicembre, 2018

1Dic20:30Giovanni Cifariello Trio
3Dic20:30Roberto Andreucci Duo
7Dic20:30Francesco Pinzani Trio
8Dic20:30Valerio Morello Trio
15Dic20:30Giovanni Cifariello Trio
15Dic20:30Trio Vesuvio
17Dic20:30Stefano Negri Trio
21Dic20:30Giovanni Cifariello Trio
22Dic20:30Filippo Lepri Trio
24Dic20:30Roberto Andreucci Trio
25Dic20:30Roberto Andreucci Trio
26Dic20:30Stefano Negri Trio
28Dic20:30Roberto Andreucci Trio
29Dic20:30Giovanni Cifariello Trio
31Dic19:00Capodanno 2019 al Golden ViewNew Year's Eve
31Dic20:30Roberto Andreucci Trio

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