photo: Carlo Bressan

Room 1


The first room caresses the Ponte Vecchio, so close you can almost touch it, and also allows for views of the Arno River and its monuments. Located in the original part of the restaurant, this room is intimate and bright.

Room 2


This room is located in the central hall, crossed by 3 large arches, at the end of which are the romantic terraces- used for most of the year. This room is also adjacent to the jazz room. Here you can enjoy an amazing atmosphere and admire all of the architecture of the Florentine Renaissance.

Golden View
Photo: Vanessa Fiori

Room 3


The jazz room features live music three times a week from mostly local artists and sometimes a special guest appearance from international artists. You will experience an immersive atmosphere which combines great music, amazing views, and incredible food- for a truly special dining experience. From the large, bright room, you can admire the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, and the Vasari Corridor in all their charm.

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