La Cantina de Via de Bardi is a space born from a passion for wine that Tommaso Grasso created with sommelier Paolo Miano. Here, the bottles can rest and grow to a proper temperature.
The cellar was built by architect Marta Sansoni in the bottom of the 14th century, when it originally belonged to the Bardi family. About 8,000 bottles decorate this collection. The walls are lined with the big Super Tuscans like Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Solaia, Tignanello along with those of Brunello: Biondi Santi, Soldera, Poggio di Sotto, Frescobaldi, Casanova di Neri, ect. The presence of a great Sangiovese, Chianti as well as Montevertine and Pergole Torte underlines our love of the tradition and the territory; in addition our respect for the great Barolo and monumental Amarone.
The Private Cellar is available to choose unique bottles to drink with your meal and uncork directly in the cellar as you wish.


The Wine
Chosen by Paolo Miano, sommelier of the restaurant grader, the wine is centrally of a regional selection without forgetting the rest of Italy. Each wine is organized by its vintage quality and percentage of blend and divided into territories. The collection is rich and carried, constantly changing and evolving. Organic wines, biodynamic wines, and small companies complete the wide offer that does not stop at the border of Italy, as shown by the presence of references to France, Spain, Germany, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and Austria.

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The Champagne
There is also a wide selection of Champagne within the collection. You can find the most popular classics such as Dom Perignon, Krug, and Cristal, the “new” classics like Philipponnat, Egly Ouriet, Brunno Paillard and Jacques Selosse, and even some small businesses that are new discoveries very year while visiting the Champagne region. Among these revelations includes Mousse Fils, a small Vigneron producing a monumental Pinot Meunierin purity, or a classic Jean Milan, in the Cote des Blancs region with its Chardonnay qualities in purity of salty and savory.


Wine tasting

We are pleased to announce a new service for those not Toscano and wants to take a ride in the Tuscan wines without leaving Florence.

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