Bar Osteria

The O’ Café is the part of the restaurant dedicated to desserts, the café, and the bar. A lounge on the Arno where you can pamper yourself with breakfast, a light lunch, coffee, tea, appetizers, or cocktails at any time between 7am and 11pm.

7am We open for breakfast, offering freshly baked croissants and hot coffee cappuccinos- everything you need to start the day.

10am For those who love a mid-morning snack, we offer sandwiches and rolls is a variety of gourmet, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

12am For those who do not have time to sit down for lunch or are looking for a lighter option, we offer a light lunch option with salads and first and second courses.

3pm-6pm Sit down and enjoy a good tea, accompanied by a perfect cheese cake or an inimitable cannolo Siciliano.

6.30pm It’s the aperitivo time. Gastrobar means a pre-dinner drink served with gourmet food tastings. Wide choice a la carté: a chilled sparkling wine, a glass of champagne, a cocktail, a wine tasting, a craft beer or a very large selection of spirits.

  ” You will come out of curiosity, you will be charmed by the quality, you will return for the pleasure “