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This year at Golden View Restaurant is celebrated the “Festa dei Doni”

Raphael’s famous portraits of Angolo Doni and his wife Maddalena Strozzi are part of the Uffizi collection, and on Friday, January 31, their 517th wedding anniversary, the gallery is offering two tickets for the price of one to couples who wish to tour the museum that day. The name of this special initiative, “Festa dei Doni”, is also a play on last name of the historic pair depicted in the portraits.

Agnolo Doni, a merchant who specialized in exporting textiles throughout Europe allied himself with the powerful Medici family by marrying Maddalena Strozzi, and their 1504 wedding and reception was a costly and sumptuous affair. Husband and wife also commissioned the Doni Tondo, a painting of the Holy Family — Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus — to Michelangelo in the early 1500s. This round panel is also displayed at the Uffizi.

Additionally, The Golden View Restaurant (via dei Bardi 58r near Ponte Vecchio) will be offering a 50% off discount on the à la carte menù to couples who come to the restaurant with an Uffizi ticket valid on the same day, January 31, between the hours of noon to midnight to celebrate their relationship.

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